Yoga for Healing and Trauma 

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for individuals to create a deeper connection with themselves combining the ancient practices of yoga and therapy in a unique way. The goal is to provide a safe environment for healing and growth while making a connection between the mind, body and spirit.

All yoga services are offered at  Evans Yoga Room.

All yoga services are offered at Evans Yoga Room.

Services Available 

  • Private Yoga 
  • Yoga Therapy 
  • Yoga for Trauma 
  • Thai Yoga Therapy 
Specialized yoga for children

Specialized yoga for children

Services Available 

  • Customized Yoga Programs 
  • Yoga for Trauma 
  • Yoga for Special Needs 
  • Homeschool Yoga Club 

Curvy Yoga 

Love your body. Live your life. Trained to offer body-affirming yoga practices. 

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Assebible yoga pratices for all body types and all abilites. 

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Carmen Jimenez-Pride is a proud community partner of the Yoga Body Image Coalition. 

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