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New BiblioTherapy Resource at Outspoken Counseling and Consulting LLC!

As a License Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapy, Hi. My Name is Xaidan is a must have for your bibliotherapy collection! This book highlights some common behaviors and feelings children face daily making it easy for a parent, therapist or helper to read and discuss with the child. This book can be used in multiple setting to address a variety of issues and concerns!

Author DeLonna Brown is a License Clincial Social Worker in North Carolina! She realized there was a lack of resources for parents and mental health professionals working with children who has behavioral and emotional mental health disorders.

This book focuses on reducing the stigma of childhood mental health disorders. The use of caterpillars in this series represents the transition and transformation one can experience before, during, and after they receives mental health treatment and become a newer version of themselves.

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