It’s ALMOST TIME Fiercely Speaking

Trauma and abuse can entomb your persona, kill your dreams, and silence your voice. What if you found out you weren’t the only one who has survived traumatic circumstances? How would you feel discovering keys to successfully fight your way through the aftermath of abuse?

In Fiercely Speaking, the voices of 14 authors escort you through a journey of deep wounds and betrayals that yield to healing, hope, and a reclamation of their voices to speak their truths.  Now is the time to confront the ghosts of your past, establish a blueprint for your better life, and capture your voice with ferocity.


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Don’t Delay, Grab Your Copy Today! Elizabeth Makes a Friend


Have you experienced a drastic change in your life? By drastic, I mean life-changing in a way that you often find yourself questioning yourself. Was this the right move? Did I make the right choice? Will I be able to adapt quickly? Will I be able to make friends? Well, Elizabeth Makes a Friend, by Carmen Jimenez-Pride, will help you and your little loved ones understand what it's like to make a life changing decision and the impact it will have on your life. Change is tough in itself, but do we truly know how children may feel and how they cope with change based on the decisions we make as adults?


Elizabeth makes a Friend helps non military and military children process feelings associated with attending new schools, and making new friends..png

Moving to a new place is a big change, especially for children. Children often don't have a say in the decision making around moving, especially if you are in a military family. Moving is a part of the process, but as parents we should be cognizant of the effects it may have on our children. We know when it's time to pick up and move, it means finding a new school, daycare, community activities, summer camps, and so much more.


For a child entering a new school, we have no idea what they are thinking. One thing we can be sure of though is being hopeful that they make friends. Alex is the new kid on the block... or at school I should say and Elizabeth wants to "meet him", but she's not sure how she should go about it. Elizabeth seeks advice from her father who is able to help out without a doubt. Elizabeth did exactly what her father told her to do and it's almost like they’ve each other for a long time. Have you ever met someone and thought that? I do it all the time.


Join me in reminding our children and youth that it is always a nice gesture to introduce yourself to the new student, being kind, being a friend, and ultimately understanding different family dynamics. You will find this book to be a great resource for you, your family, educators, and so much more especially if you are a military family (or not).


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