Kinesthetic Storytelling® Resources

This past year I completed the FirstPlay® Kinesthetic Storytelling® training.

Kinesthetic Storytelling® is a multi-sensory attachment-focused therapeutic approach that incorporates interactive joyful touch activities integrated with metaphoric and imaginative storytelling.

Dr. Janet Courtney is the founder of FirstPlay® Therapy and author of The Magic Rainbow Hug one of my go to resources for Kinesthetic Storytelling! This is an interactive story that helps children overcome fear and anxiety through playful relaxation and joyful touch.

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Another great kinesthetic story is Casey's Greatness Wings. By Tammi Van Hollander of Mainline Play Therapy is a story about a caterpillar that feels different from the others and worries that he is not good enough.

More about Casey's Greatness Wings

More about Casey's Greatness Wings

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