Creativity in Play Therapy

What would you tell someone if they asked, “What is the best thing about being a Play Therapist?” Most Play Therapists would have so many responses it would be hard to pin point one thing. Having the ability to have fun, be creative, play games and still call it work is a win win situation for the kids at heart!

Play Therapist have utilized a lot of resources to assist with little ones in reaching their goals in a fun and creative way. From using your everyday basic things to not so basic things; the ability to create your own resources or utilize items that were not developed for play therapy gives the play therapist the flexibility to be creative and reach goals at the same time!


 I wanted to share two activities fun activities to try in the play room:


1.     Trouble Game: Purchased at

a.    When each player obtains their number from the popper they have to say that many positive things about themselves prior to their move.

Goal~ communication, increase self-esteem, positive thinking

2.    Focus on Feelings Cards: Purchased at

a.    Card are laid out on the floor. The child picks a card and acts out the emotion. The therapist (parent or sibling) guesses the emotion demonstrated.