When Should a Person Seek Professional Assistance?

Since no two people are the same in the way they respond to trauma, loss, or painful situations in life, the point at which people need professional help may vary greatly.  Some indicators that professional help is warranted include:

  • When support in your life is low and you are left feeling overwhelmed with loneliness and fear.

  • When you are unable to perform daily functions of life i.e. household duties, work, family or social functions.

  • When you suffer chronic physical problems and no medical cause can be found.

  • When you are preoccupied with thoughts about an event and attempts to change that have resulted in failure.

  • When you are unable to make decisions, and have difficulty concentrating.

  • When you feel overtaken with hopelessness, depression or rage.

  • When you become overly reliant on drugs or alcohol to block pain.