Kinesthetic Storytelling® Resources

This past year I completed the FirstPlay® Kinesthetic Storytelling® training.

Kinesthetic Storytelling® is a multi-sensory attachment-focused therapeutic approach that incorporates interactive joyful touch activities integrated with metaphoric and imaginative storytelling.

Dr. Janet Courtney is the founder of FirstPlay® Therapy and author of The Magic Rainbow Hug one of my go to resources for Kinesthetic Storytelling! This is an interactive story that helps children overcome fear and anxiety through playful relaxation and joyful touch.

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For book information visit: 

Another great kinesthetic story is Casey's Greatness Wings. By Tammi Van Hollander of Mainline Play Therapy is a story about a caterpillar that feels different from the others and worries that he is not good enough.

More about Casey's Greatness Wings

More about Casey's Greatness Wings

For information on FirstPlay® training:

Playfully Connected Games!

Two great play therapy games to helps children with abuse and divorce created by Stefanie Sherbon, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist


Owl Pal Truth is a “True, False, or Dare” therapeutic game for children, who have experienced abuse. Instead of keeping abuse a secret, kids get to uncover the truth about themselves and what happened to them.

Owl Pal Divorce is a “True, False, or Dare” therapeutic game to use with children, who are experiencing divorce or parental separation.

To find out more information about these amazing games visit:

Playfully Connected Games

Therapy Resources Created by Beth Richey!

My creative and amazing friend Beth Richey created two much have play therapy products!

The Trauma Reaction Cards are an engaging, visual, and interactive tool which can assist in the identification of trauma reactions that may not otherwise be recognized, labeled, or targeted.


Me Magnets is an Identity & Self-Expression Tool that help individuals, families, and couples identify, explore, and express core values and various parts of identity.


Check out her product websites for more information on how to use these resources!

Trauma Reaction Cards

Me Magnets

Therapy Resource Cart

As a play therapist (or any type of therapist) I have collected so many resources. Often times they end up in the closet with the intention on using them! One of my 2019 goals is to clean out the closet and use my tools! I’ve created a therapy cart of resources to help me reach my goal.


The cart I used is from Ikea, (FYI… I love that store!) if you do not live close to an Ikea store check out Michaels, they have them as well.


I decided to use the top shelf for my bibliotherapy books. As you can see you can fit a nice amount of books on the top shelf.


I used the second shelf for card games, card decks and other small boxed resources. The bottom for mindfulness jars!


I hope this organizational tip helps, tell me what you think! If you make one please tag me on social media! @PrideLCSW

New BiblioTherapy Resource at Outspoken Counseling and Consulting LLC!

As a License Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapy, Hi. My Name is Xaidan is a must have for your bibliotherapy collection! This book highlights some common behaviors and feelings children face daily making it easy for a parent, therapist or helper to read and discuss with the child. This book can be used in multiple setting to address a variety of issues and concerns!

Author DeLonna Brown is a License Clincial Social Worker in North Carolina! She realized there was a lack of resources for parents and mental health professionals working with children who has behavioral and emotional mental health disorders.

This book focuses on reducing the stigma of childhood mental health disorders. The use of caterpillars in this series represents the transition and transformation one can experience before, during, and after they receives mental health treatment and become a newer version of themselves.

For more information on the book series and to purchase click to visit the site!

Marble Jar Friends


Brené Brown says “people have to earn the right to hear your story.” Meaning, people need to show up for you, care what happens to you and how you feel, and will value your connection enough to keep things to themselves.

In her book, Daring Greatly, Brené talks about Marble Jar friends.  She tells a great story of her daughter’s teacher who kept a jar in the classroom and each time the class did something positive a marble went in the jar. When the class was negative marbles were removed.

We can use the idea of the Marble Jar to help define who to trust and to what limits.

We have the ability to determine how marbles are earned and taken away. We also have the ability to set up our marble jars to fit our needs.

After this weekend my marble jar(s) look very different!

OutspokenC2 Welcomes Kabra Benford, MSW, LMSW

Mr. Benford holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child & Family Development from Benedict College and a Masters of Social Work from the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Mr. Benford began his social work career in 2003 with Prevent Child Abuse of South Carolina. He has additional experience with Palmetto AIDS Life Support Services, working with the HIV/AIDS population. Mr. Benford brings his experience and creativity to our Outspoken Counseling and Consulting LLC team. Mr. Benford provides services for children and families, HIV/AIDS related issues, LGBTQ and spiritual focused therapy services. Mr. Benford is currently accepting new clients.

Kabra Benford, MSW, LMSW

Kabra Benford, MSW, LMSW

Bibilotherapy with No, No Elizabeth


Bibliotherapy also known as therapeutic storytelling is an expressive therapy that involves storytelling or the reading books with the focus of healing.

Usborne Books & More  

Usborne Books & More  

It uses an individual's relationship to the content of books as therapy. Bibliotherapy can be used to address, but not limited to trauma, behaviors and fears.


No, No Elizabeth is used in the therapy room to help children understand and accept the word no. Often children will walk away feeling that they are not loved because their loved one tells them no.

No, No Elizabeth can help with communication skills, feelings and following directions.


This book is a creative resource within the home, school and theraputic environment.

Creativity in Play Therapy

What would you tell someone if they asked, “What is the best thing about being a Play Therapist?” Most Play Therapists would have so many responses it would be hard to pin point one thing. Having the ability to have fun, be creative, play games and still call it work is a win win situation for the kids at heart!

Play Therapist have utilized a lot of resources to assist with little ones in reaching their goals in a fun and creative way. From using your everyday basic things to not so basic things; the ability to create your own resources or utilize items that were not developed for play therapy gives the play therapist the flexibility to be creative and reach goals at the same time!


 I wanted to share two activities fun activities to try in the play room:


1.     Trouble Game: Purchased at

a.    When each player obtains their number from the popper they have to say that many positive things about themselves prior to their move.

Goal~ communication, increase self-esteem, positive thinking

2.    Focus on Feelings Cards: Purchased at

a.    Card are laid out on the floor. The child picks a card and acts out the emotion. The therapist (parent or sibling) guesses the emotion demonstrated.

FirstPlay® Therapy Offered at Outspoken Counseling and Consulting!

Cerified FP Practitioners_Three lines (002).jpg

While researching models to increase my practice of working with younger children and engaging mothers, I discovered FirstPlay® Therapy. I immediately reached out to the founder and trainer to see how I can learn more about this model. Those interactions led me to spending a week in Boynton Beach Florida and becoming a Certified FirstPlay® Practitioner!

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The Founder

Dr. Janet Courtney, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and internationally recognized Registered Play Therapist Supervisor is the founder of FirstPlay® Infant Massage Storytelling and FirstPlay® Kinesthetic Storytelling®   



What is FirstPlay®

FirstPlay® Therapy is a Play Therapy strength-based model that enhances the parent-child relationship and is based upon the work of Play Therapy pioneer, Viola Brody, founder of Developmental Play Therapy (DPT); Ericksonian Play Therapy; Attachment Theory; & research in Touch.

FirstPlay® Therapy focuses on the therapeutic aspects of pre-symbolic play, or “first-play”, the early joyful touch-based activity play that happens between a parent and infant.

FirstPL Therapy_new color 2 lines (002).jpg

FirstPlay® Therapy is offered for two different developmental stages:

  • FirstPlay® Infant Massage storytelling is for ages 4 weeks to three years old.
  • FirstPlay® Kinesthetic Storytelling is for children ages three to six years.

Practitioners learn how to facilitate respectful, caring & fun touch-based activities between parents and children through demonstrations via baby dolls. The parent simultaneously practices the techniques on their infant/child. The therapist does not touch the child but supports the healing value of touch.

FirstPlay® integrates methods of calming and is an adjunctive model that can be integrated along with other forms of play therapy methods and it can be used with most parents & children regardless of issues, and can also be applied in groups, parent reunification & parent-child residential settings; with adoptive & foster parents; children with autism, behavioral problems, and attention problems.